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Invited to the fair " ENTECH HANOI 2013"


The fifth International exhibition on Energy Technology and Environment Hanoi 2013 (ENTECH HANOI 2013)


The fifth international exbibition organization board sincerely would like to invite energy saving equipment and technology suppliers, high technology, cleaner production technology and environment, energy development and reseaching organizations to take part in display, exchange goods, products and technologies at “The fifth international exhibition on energy technology and environment Hanoi 2013 (ENTECH HANOI 2013)”.

The fifth international exhibition is a gold place to exchange between energy saving – environment equipments and technologies suppliers and industrial production enterprises, energy management units and publican on energy efficiency and envirionment.

Venue: Vietnam exhibition Center – 148, Giangvo Street, Badinh District, Hanoi City.

Time: from 05 to 08 June 2013.

To know more information: invitation form, registration proceduces.

Please contact with: Hanoi Energy Conservation Center.

Venue: 331 Caugiay Street, Caugiay District, Hanoi City.

Tell: 0462692834; Fax: 04.62691280.

Email: entech.ecchanoi@gmail.com or hanoi.ecc@gmail.com

Mr. Huynh.

Tell: 0988927639 ; email: huynhhd.ecchanoi@gmail.com.

Skype: huynhecchanoi

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